There are many myths about verrucae and warts. They are caused by a virus that lives on most peoples skin, Human Papilloma Virus, they are not normally caught but occur following trauma. Trauma to the epidermis allows the virus to penetrate to the dermis (the living part of the skin) and the virus then replicate to make more of itself, in the process changing the anatomy of the skin. This can lead to pain as the virus multiplies and changes the skin. There are various options of treatment dependent on severity of the lesions and the age of the patient. Mr Livingstone can advise on the best evidence based treatment for your verrucae or wart.

Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are thickenings of skin on the feet that can become painful. They are caused by excessive pressure or friction and shear (rubbing) on the skin. The common cause is poorly fitting shoes or increased pressure over a local area due to the function of your foot. Mr Livingstone is able to advise regarding treatment options both conservatively and surgically.


Shoes and footwear
Tight or poor fitting shoes are thought to be the main cause of most corns and calluses.

Correcting poor footwear will reduce any rubbing or friction on your skin. Some people with abnormalities of their feet or toes will need specialist shoes to prevent rubbing but now there are a wide range of footwear available that can meet most needs. Mr Livingstone is able to provide advice on all these matters.