Mr Livingstone works and trained with orthopaedic surgeons and hence is able to advise and assist with all foot and ankle surgery. Whilst he is a recognised specialist in post-operative complications he can provide care at all stages of surgical care. Surgery for foot and ankle complaints has many myths to it the most notable being it is painful, with modern medicine this is not the case. Whilst there has been a huge development in surgical care it still has its risks and Mr Livingstone is able to advise on the best course for patients with foot and ankle complaints.


Ingrown Nails
Mr Livingstone has over 20 year experience with this condition. Conservative care can be used but surgical intervention has a high success rate with regrowth rates of less than 2%. Little time is required of work and normal footwear can be worn a few days following the surgery. The post-operative care is essentially done by the patient with daily changes of a dry dressing such as mepore and cleaning of the wound. Above all this is a pain killing operation.

Many myths surround Bunion operations. Surgery is indicated for pain and inability to wear footwear. The younger the patient the worse the long term satisfaction rates and unfortunately we cannot prevent reoccurrence or progression of a bunion. Pain from bunions can be treated by conservative care but footwear does play a large role in Bunions. Careful assessment is essential for success and there are over 90 recognised different procedures for bunion surgery.

Ankle Surgery
Mr Livingstone works closely with his orthopaedic colleagues with regard to ankle surgery. Careful assessment is again essential and planning for post-operative care and rehabilitation. Depending on the condition and procedure ankle surgery can take anything from 6 months to a year to recover from.